I’m Tired Of The Heat


Hi everyone.

Today we were up and ready by 9am as I had a meeting to go to. Oliver was so well behaved all morning which I wasn’t expecting as he was majorly tired and I’d rushed him which he usually hates.

We got the meeting out of the way, done some shopping (I managed to find a top in New Look and Oliver a toy drum in Wilkos) and went home to have some lunch. I’ve loved bagels recently so I had ham, tomatoes and mayonnaise and Oliver had cheese spread as that’s his favourite!

We didn’t do much once we’d finished lunch as we were both feeling run down, the heat is really getting to me at the moment and it doesn’t help that I can’t wear shorts due to my horrendous sun burn on my legs which still hasn’t healed.

Oliver went down for his afternoon nap and I caught up on The Great British Bake Off, it was bread week last night and oh my, was it hilarious. I take my hat off to them all though as if I were to even attempt it, the whole place would be on fire.

Oliver woke up after a few hours and gave me the most beautiful smiled which I definitely needed. We had a little practise on his keyboard, played cars and made a lot of noise with some musical instruments.. Every parents favourite toys, of course!


I cooked Oliver cottage pie for dinner and took him up for a bath afterwards as he was grubby and covered in dinner as he insists on feeding himself with no help.


I love looking at the photos I’ve taken throughout the day, I often find myself thinking ‘How did I get so lucky?’ as I never expected to have such a lovely little boy in all honesty. Even on the bad days, I’m so proud of him.

Oliver is now in bed, we’ve had our dinner and we’re going to sit down and watch an episode of The Dog Rescuers, it’s the puppy special and even just knowing it’s based on puppies is getting to me.

I hope you’ve all had a good day, whatever you’ve been doing!

Thanks for reading!




3 thoughts on “I’m Tired Of The Heat

  1. The heat is getting to me too hun, I just need it to start getting colder now! My little man is the same as Oliver, he has to have a shower after dinner as he is so messy, but I love that he feeds himself while we all eat our dinner. Sorry your sun burn isn’t better yet xx


    1. Same here! We had 1 day of rain/it being cold and I loved it, I can’t stand feeling this hot and bothered all the time 😦 oh bless him, at least they’re wanting to be independent, I don’t miss the days of eating my dinner with one hand and feeding with the other! Xx


      1. Yep we had a few wet and miserable days and I was sure we wouldn’t see anymore sun. So hot when your pushing a two stone baby in his pram everywhere!! Eating ad a family is great xx


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