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Hi everyone.

You may have heard about the story about the uniform issue at Hartsdown Academy in Margate, Kent. If you haven’t, you can read about it here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3775968/Police-called-school-sends-FIFTY-children-home-day-term-weren-t-wearing-right-uniform.html

I live very close to this school and know some of the pupils and staff. My experience of uniform was never extreme – I went to a school that really didn’t care what we wore, short skirts, tight trousers, trainers, bright socks, you name it and in my opinion that did cause a bullying issue. The pupils with lots of money would show that by what they wore and would belittle the pupils wearing less expensive items.

I believe that what the headmaster is trying to promote is in everyone’s best interests and will benefit the pupils in the long run by teaching them to respect rules. On the flip side, I think the way he has done it is disgusting. Point blank turning pupils away with no means to get back to their homes and not even alerting their parents that it’s happened petrifies me, especially when there has been a number of sexual assaults on young girls in the middle of the day in Margate and surrounding areas.

When questioned about this, the headmaster, Mr. Tate had this to say:

‘This is a school that has been under-performing and we are determined to do the very best by the children of Thanet, this is part of raising expectations and standards so that every child has a fantastic education.

‘A small minority of parents were not happy but we have had emails and phone calls from other parents to express their support and they said this is a good thing, that it is good to set standards and they want the best for the children.

‘I have had feedback from teachers that behaviour was much better and if we can improve behaviour by 10% then that gives children another 19 days school, so a small amount of time out of school is a price worth paying.’

I agree with him that the school has never had a good reputation and uniform has been a huge issue so if the behaviour is changing for the better and the students are learning valuable life lessons, maybe his determination is a good thing.

What is your opinion on this? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “School Uniform

  1. I understand why he is doing it, but I do feel for the parents who have spent money on shoes etc and now are having go pay for more. But then again they should have made sure they were correct first!
    Great post lovely x


  2. My daughter attends the school, and has been proud to do so for the last two years. She is a rule follower and gets nervous about the thought of getting into trouble. We wholeheartedly support a standard approach to uniform, but the approach and the attitude in this case are wrong.
    1. Firstly, the reputation of the school spans back a number of years. If you look at results and standards within the school, they have been in a upward trajectory and I have been impressed with the school overall and the response of teachers. It’s not perfect, but then no school would be. By choosing to go this route and give numerous interviews, Mr Tate has now given the school a dubious reputation nationally, not just locally, and those children, like my daughter, who were proud to attend are now questioning this
    2. My daughter was allowed into school, but was challenged over her shoes (black brogues). The challenge was that they had ‘holes’ in (the standard brogue indentation pattern. There was a debate amongst teachers before they deemed them suitable – which demonstrates that not even the teachers are clear!
    3. There have been numerous reports that three letters were given to parents and that they were very clear. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I can confirm categorically that we only receive done letter. This was a copy of the same guidelines that have been issued for the last two years and are very ambiguous! I am not sure whether further, more detailed letters were sent out, but if they were, I did not receive them!
    4. my daughter was not sent home from school so was not impacted by the fallout, however, I do think it is unacceptable that children were sent home from school without contacting parents. It is not acceptable to state that children have all got mobile phones as this is not a given, some may have forgotten / broken them or have no credit. I entrust my child to the school during school hours and expect that they hold her safety as paramount to all things without challenge. In my opinion, this did not happen.

    I wish the new headteacher nothing but the best of luck and really hope he succeeds, but he needs to learn to engage with both the student AND parent body – he has, instead, just alienated a lot of them!


    1. Hi Vicky, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and views!
      I agree with everything you’ve said. He’s nationally embarrassed the school and gone about things the wrong way and I’m glad your daughter was not turned away, I couldn’t imagine my child being sent away and no one having the decency to inform me about it, it’s truly unbelievable.
      I wish your daughter luck and I hope the school come together, the teachers screw their heads back on for the pupils sakes and it becomes a school the pupils can be proud to attend again.


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