Goodbye Curls


Hi everyone.

Today was one of those days where I did not want to leave my bed. I knew we had to be up and ready by 9:30am but I think I left myself with 10 minutes to get ready as my motivation levels were rock bottom.

We eventually managed it though, I have no idea how! We went out for a few hours, visited a relative and had some lunch. It was lovely to get out as when I’m feeling run down, getting out perks me back up again. Oliver had a great time, he stroked a lovely little bird called Willow, had a browse in a pond and spent time with family (got fed like you wouldn’t believe, I’m not complaining.. Neither was he.)


Oliver also had his hair cut and now looks like a proper little boy! His hair is curly and the humid weather wasn’t agreeing with it so it was definitely time to go. We came home and monster went for his afternoon nap. I used the nap time to sort the washing, tidying and watch another episode of Underage and Pregnant.

Matt came home, we had some time together before Oliver woke up and then I sorted out dinner. It’s become a lot less stressful now the highchair has gone, I hated having to lift it in and out all the time and Oliver was starting to misbehave quite badly in it. The change in him now he can sit in his booster seat at the table with us is amazing! He’s been eating all of his dinners recently.

After dinner we had a bath, story and then I decided I would get in the bath too. I hate the weather and feel gross by the end of the day so it was definitely needed, Oliver enjoyed throwing everything he could get his hands on in the bath with me.


Matts currently out, Oliver is now asleep so I’m going to make the most of the time I’ve got and binge watch some of my favourite shows!

I hope you’ve all had fun today.

Thanks for reading!



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