Teeth Brushing Improvement


Hi everyone.

I woke up with the worlds worst headache this morning and nothing I done could shift it. Luckily Oliver was quite calm and sleepy so we had a lazy morning before having to get dressed and ready.

We had to pop to the supermarket to grab some bits and exchange some dummies I’d bought with our online delivery and stupidly bought the 0-6 month ones. I must of liked the design and not checked the age, doh!

We bought lunch while we were there as we had my mum over for lunch. She’d bought Oliver his first toy dinosaurs and they’re now his favourite toys, he’ll walk them across the floor and stop every so often to give them a quick cuddle. I’m sure dinosaurs love cuddles.


We finished our lunch, said good bye to my mum and little monster and I had a nap before Matt got home. It must of been the muggy weather but I felt so hot and run down!

We decided to have an early dinner as we were all hungry (and impatient) so I cooked us sausages, mash and beans which went down a treat, Oliver ate the whole lot and fed himself really well, usually the floor is covered.

After dinner it was bath time. We always brush little monsters teeth in the bath as I find it easier, if he’s standing next to me he has a tendency to run off. I was extremely proud today however, he usually lets me brush them for around a minute before getting annoyed but today he let me do it for the whole 2 minutes and even had a go himself afterwards! He had the sweetest, shiniest smile once he was done.


We had a play after the bath, read a story, I quickly hoovered upstairs and put Oliver in bed. He’s been rubbing his eyes for over half an hour now so I think he’s going to have an earlier night and I may join him.

Thanks for reading!




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