Rain Doesn’t Stop Us


Hi everyone.

We had a late start this morning. I was hoping to be up and out fairly early but we all slept in, oops. I think we all needed it as we all seemed much happier than usual, none of us are morning lovers.


We got ready, had breakfast, spent AGES playing cars and watched Fireman Sam, said goodbye to Oliver’s highchair which went to a new home, had our lunch and then went out to the park. It was raining slightly but I wasn’t bothered, a bit of rain never hurt nobody! We met some lovely dogs, some lovely children and had a great time. Oliver refused to get off of the swing for around half an hour however and it ended in tears when I made him get out.


It was lovely to go out just us two and have a well needed run around with no major tantrums, the weather held up nicely too so we didn’t end up going home like 2 soggy biscuits.

We got home, Oliver went to bed for a nap and I tidied the house, had a little snack and watched some YouTube videos. I got watching a series on there called ‘Underage and Pregnant’ which was interesting to say the least! I have a huge love for documentaries so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

We didn’t do all that much until dinner time. We had a lovely dinner, got changed and ready for bed and had a quiet evening together. Oliver went to bed and Matt and I watched The Dog Rescuers which tugs on my heart strings majorly, how can people be so cruel?

That’s how our evenings looking, lots of episodes of that whilst relaxing on the sofa, bliss! (A Kinder Bueno may also be here..)

Thanks for reading!



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