Too Many Tears


Hi everyone.

Truthfully, today was hard. The morning was fine, we had our breakfast and Oliver loved sitting in his big boy booster seat that we got yesterday (I couldn’t bare using a highchair any longer) and things were great.

Fullscreen capture 03092016 190638.bmpFullscreen capture 03092016 190642.bmp

We spent the morning slowly getting ready for the day, showering and tidying up. We decided to take Boas out for a walk and that’s when it all started. On our way home Oliver took his shoe off and had an absolute melt down when I attempted to put it back on, he spent the whole walk back uncontrollably crying. I was hopeful that when we got home he’d stop, nope. Maybe if I give him a dummy, nope. Nothing was working and I had reached the point of tears myself. The only thing I could do was to put him in his cot and hope he falls asleep and thankfully after 5 minutes of crying, he was sleeping! He hadn’t shown any signs of being tired and doesn’t usually want to nap so early but clearly it was needed.

Fullscreen capture 03092016 190645.bmp.jpg

He woke up a few hours later in a much better mood, we had a snack and played with his new toys. We bought his first Christmas present yesterday and I am well and truly now in the mood! More so for the Christmas dinner but the day is alright too.


We had pizza for dinner as the weekends are our lazy days and then had a bath which was nice and eventful. Why do kids always decide to poo in the bath or as soon as you get them out?!


Oliver is now in bed, I’m going to watch some TV, browse Instagram and try to motivate myself to do some housework.. Yeah right.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day.

Thanks for reading!



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