Toddler Tantrums


Hi everyone.

Today I had one grumpy, moody toddler. The phrase ‘he woke up on the wrong side of the bed’ fits quite nicely. From the moment he woke up he was in a bad mood and had countless tantrums throughout the day. The only thing that stopped the crying was going on his swing! Usually I struggle to deal with them all and eventually give up trying but I managed to keep my cool and by dinner time he was fairly calm.

Fullscreen capture 02092016 175236.bmp.jpg

We spent the day indoors as not only was it raining but I didn’t fancy dragging an upset child outside for the rest of the world to see/hear! The only thing Oliver really wanted to do was watch Fireman Sam, everything else wasn’t cutting it.

Fullscreen capture 02092016 175245.bmp.jpgFullscreen capture 02092016 175242.bmp.jpg

Matt and I are going out tonight to do some shopping, grab something for dinner and take Boas out together as my mum wants to spent some time with Oliver and after today, I’m really glad. As much as I love the bones of him, I’m looking forward to bed time!

I finished my ‘3 day be positive challenge’ today and truthfully I’m quite sad. It’s so nice sitting down and thinking about all the positive in my life, it changes your mood and it’s going to be great to look back on.

I’m now giving Oliver dinner before taking him up for a bath before his nan arrives and we head out. I’m running behind as usual and will probably still be mid bath when she arrives, my time keeping is pretty awful.

I hope your day has been great! Sorry this post is short, we didn’t do much and my head is pounding after all the screaming/crying.. Ugh!

Here’s a fake smile selfie, I will be happy.. I WILL!

Fullscreen capture 02092016 175239.bmp.jpg

Thanks for reading!



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