3 Day Be Positive Challenge


Day 3:

Hi everyone.

This is my final day of the challenge and I’m going to base this post on body positivity.

This is an issue that I’ve had my whole life. I always felt fat and ugly from a young age and nothing and no one could change that. I remained a size 6 for most of my teenage years and began to like my weight and accept myself and then we found out I was pregnant. The weight PILED on and I felt like a huge, ugly whale but of course it was for a good reason.

Most of the girls I know that have had babies instantly fit back into the jeans they wore before pregnancy, not me. I became a big size 10/12 and I’m now a steady 12. Truthfully, for a long time I hated myself and would look at myself in disgust, sometimes doing everything I can do even avoid looking at myself. I felt like an awful parent as Oliver loves water and swimming but I just couldn’t bring myself to put a swim suit on.

I stood in front of my mirror last week and took a good long hard look at myself. I realised the weight, the marks and the saggier bits are there for a reason and I should love those parts the most. They show the perfect boy I grew in me and the even more perfect boy that came out.

I no longer despise the body in the mirror and no longer worry about other peoples opinions. I take that little boy swimming and enjoy every second. I don’t worry about being seen in shorts anymore.

I’ve also accepted that I LOVE food. Cakes, takeaways, all that jazz. I do love healthy food too but I will never rid the love of the bad foods and I don’t want too. I will be the weight that I become and that’s all there is too it. I don’t want to diet, I want to enjoy life for what it is and maybe my metabolism will be somewhat nice to me, probably not though.

Love that body, it’s the only one you’ve got!

Thanks for reading!




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