I Can’t Believe It’s September


Hi everyone.

I woke up today and my first thought was “I can’t believe it’s September already”. Where has time gone?! It feels like yesterday that the summer was starting. We decided to make the most of what sun we have left and went swimming!

The swimming pool we went too is indoor and outdoor during the summer. They have an outdoor adult pool, toddler pool and a rapid pool, it was great. We spent our time messing around in the toddler pool, Oliver loved climbing the stairs on the slide and he got so brave that he was dipping his face into the water. I love watching him doing his own thing and letting him enjoy himself with other children.


We had a picnic there and decided to go for a walk around the town once we were done as we’d never been there before. We found so many beautiful shops and got little monster a new toy.

Once we were done in town we began the 30 minute drive home, I knew Oliver was tired but it ended with me doing everything I could to keep him awake! Luckily we managed it and he went straight to sleep once we were home.

Oliver was napping, Matt came home and we had an exciting delivery.. A washing line! (yes, I’m pathetic). We’ve been using our tumble dryer for EVERYTHING and decided to stop being lazy and get a rotary line.. At the end of summer..

We got that up, I had a good clean of the kitchen and hoovered downstairs and Oliver was awake. Matt, Oliver and Boas went into the garden whilst I sorted dinner and all those fun jobs us mums have!


He ate his dinner like an angel, got ready for bed like an angel and now he seems to be asleep like an angel, I won’t risk going upstairs to look but fingers crossed!

I hope your day has been lovely.

Thank for reading!



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