3 Day Be Positive Challenge


Day 2:

Hi everyone.

Today I am aiming my positivity at no longer doubting yourself. As a young mum with truthfully not the faintest idea of what I was in for, I found that I was constantly doubting myself. I didn’t know if what I was doing is right, if it’s in Oliver’s best interests or what other people thought of my decisions.

My decisions on how to raise him were exactly that, mine. I didn’t really appreciate opinions from other people who thought they knew better than I did and would feel patronised and forced to listen and do what I was being told as if I were still a child myself.

The one thing I have learnt from the 18 months of being a mum is to trust yourself. You will do fine, you will get through the bad times, you will have a child that loves you more than anything.

Raise your children how you want to and never feel pressured into doing the things you don’t believe are right, don’t doubt your parenting, we’re all going through our own struggles and NO parent is perfect.

You will be a good parent, I believe in you. Remain positive even when there isn’t much to be positive about, the bad days will soon be over and the better days will shine through.


Thanks for reading!



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