I Overcame My Fear


Hi everyone.

Today was one lovely, happy day for us. We were up early as Matt leaves early for work and I had so much house work to do but thought sod it, I want a day with Oliver not a day of worrying about the house!

I recently started talking to an old school friend and we decided to meet up today, she has a little boy too. I spoke about it in a previous post but I haven’t had any friends for quite a long time so this was rather scary for me but I overcame my fear and pushed myself and I’m really glad I did.

We had a lovely day doing all sorts. We started off at the park to let Oliver have a play and something to eat and her little one stretch his legs and a bottle, we then went into town to have a look around before heading to the beach. We opted for the steps that lead down into the sea to avoid the sand but still be able to have a paddle, the water was FREEZING. Oliver loved running away from the waves every time they hit the steps.


We went to the beach in the town where I live and honestly I don’t appreciate it enough. I always travel out of our town and today has made me realise I don’t need to and has also given me more motivation to get out the house and do things just Oliver and I.

We said our goodbyes after a few hours and went home so Oliver could nap. We’d eaten whilst we were out so we had a little dinner once he woke up and I had a spare 5 minutes to sort out Oliver’s prints that arrived today! They’re by Cathy Mitchell Illustration, you can find her here:

She personalised these prints to suit what I wanted and they’re so beautiful, I’m over the moon!


Overall we had a happy, positive day and I feel so much happier in myself for overcoming an issue I’ve had for a long time. We’re now going to get settled for bed and Matt and I are going to watch a film with some snacks!

Thanks for reading!



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