3 Day Be Positive Challenge


Day 1:

Hi everyone.

I have been tagged in this lovely challenge by Laura at http://www.mummaandco.co.uk/ – please head over and check her blog out!

Usually I’m a pretty negative person, I tend to focus on the bad rather than the good but today was different. I spent the day looking for positives and it made my day 100x more enjoyable and I can safely I have had a smile on my face all day.

Day 1 of this challenge is based on friendships. I have been a loner for what feels like a lifetime. I’ve always struggled to maintain friendships and get to know people so I eventually gave up and accepted that I just don’t ‘fit in’.

Today this changed..

I spoke to an old school friend around a week ago and we arranged to meet up today, she has a little boy too so it was also good for Oliver. Truthfully, I was petrified. How do you talk to friends? What do you say? I felt completely new to it.

That feeling was over in seconds and it felt normal. We spent the afternoon together and I feel completely different, I loved having that friendship and being able to just chat about all kinds of rubbish!

I finally feel somewhat normal again and really, really, really happy. I feel positive about what’s to come now and feel motivated to try and create new and rekindle old friendships and I can’t believe how good that feels.

Stay positive, never give up hope and you WILL get where you want to be in life!

Thanks for reading!




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