We Love The Beach


Hi everyone.

Today we had a pretty slow start. Oliver didn’t wake up until just after 8am which meant I could have a lay in (sit on my phone and browse social media). We arranged to go out at lunchtime so we had a few hours spare, we lazed around in our pajamas and enjoyed doing nothing.

We eventually got up and ready and went to the beach. It’s probably my favourite place as little monster can do as he pleases, make as much mess as he likes and go swimming. The sea was no where near as warm as it was last time we went but he still went in like a trooper (I didn’t, I’m a wuss).


We had such a great time. We took buckets, spades, trucks, all sorts of toys with us but all Oliver wanted was his empty yoghurt pot and spoon.. What is it with kids?! Whenever he has a new toy the box is always more interesting!

We spent around 3 hours at the beach before going back home, just in time for nap time and woke up just before dinner. We had chicken and carrot and swede as he loved it last time, he wasn’t too sure today but I think that’s due to eating loads at lunch time and snacking afterwards.

We had a bath, a cuddle and a play before bed time. I can’t hear a peep so fingers crossed he’s fallen asleep so I can stuff my face with cinnamon swirls!

Fullscreen capture 30082016 192023.bmp.jpg

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “We Love The Beach

  1. Im so jealous id love to live near the seaside although i bet its not great in the winter.i used to give max bug lunches but found he wouldn’t eat all his dinner so now i do a light lunch and maybe a snack then i find he eats the whole dinner.


    1. It does get quite cold in the winter but I’ve always been more of a cold person so I love it more haha. Yeah I’m going to have to cut down his lunch, he ate so much as it was a picnic and he just kept being given food by relatives!


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