Bad Behaviour


Hi everyone.

Today wasn’t one of my happiest days, that’s for sure. We got up early, had breakfast as a family and finished off the gardening we started yesterday, Oliver and Boas played in the garden together whilst we got that out of the way.


We ended up at Matt’s brothers house having a BBQ. The bad behaviour started as soon as we left the house. Screaming, hitting, not listening, you name it. He was near enough uncontrollable and usually telling him off works, not today. I was so embarrassed. I tried to make the most of it though, the food was lovely and we spent most of our time in the garden purposely so that Oliver wasn’t destroying someone else’s house and making me look silly in front of everyone.


We were there for a few hours and by the time we left it was nearly Oliver’s bedtime so I knew the behaviour would only get worse. Luckily he was calm enough to get ready for bed and go to sleep without a fuss but I still broke down in tears and had a moment. It felt like the whole world was on top of me today and I couldn’t stand it.

Am I a bad mum? Should I discipline him more? What am I doing wrong? Who knows, all I know is that I am trying my best.

Hopefully tomorrow will be somewhat better..

Thanks for reading!




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