I Feel So Lucky

Fullscreen capture 28082016 212044.bmp.jpgHi everyone.

Today was started off by the oh so funny “let’s have a lazy day” which of course then led to us doing more than we’ve done all week. We started to sort our garden out as it was getting overgrown and horrible, it was Matt’s idea too which was a surprise! Oliver was bought a swing a while ago so we put that up whilst we were at it too – he LOVES it.

Fullscreen capture 28082016 211255.bmpFullscreen capture 28082016 211241.bmp

We spent a few hours tidying, chopping down bushes and mowing/strimming before calling it a day. It looks so much better, I wish it stayed like this with less maintaining.. Ugh.

As we decided to go out for dinner this evening without Oliver, the preparation for this huge task started hours before leaving. It blows my mind how much has to be done before I leave the house – tidy the house, feed Oliver, feed Boas, get him bathed and ready for bed, get me looking somewhat presentable and all that fun jazz. I panic WAY too much, I need to stop.


We left the house at 7pm and went for an Indian. Truthfully I wasn’t all that impressed as mine was pretty watery but Matt loved his, typical. It was nice to get out and spend time with him though, it really was needed and we both had a smile on our faces the whole time which was lovely.

We took a stroll on the beach afterwards too, I love living near the sea and have really missed doing the little things like walks at night time, we used to do them near enough every evening before we had Oliver so it was nice to relive it all and be able to relax for an evening.

We came home to a sleeping baby, a tidy house and our beautiful pup – perfection. I feel SO lucky, I had one of those moments where I realise just how much I love my little family and how grateful I am for the things we have.

I can not wait for my head to hit my pillow tonight! Saying that, I’ll still be awake in 3 hours wondering why I do it to myself. Anyone with me?

I hope you’ve all had a great day and I’m sorry tonight’s post is short and late!

Thanks for reading!




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