Is It Christmas?


Hi everyone.

Today was the start of everyone’s favourite time of the week, the weekend.. Yay! Oliver slept until 8:30am which meant a lay in for me which was so needed.

I knew we’d be having a day indoors as Oliver’s pushchair was coming and so was our shopping delivery so going out wasn’t really an option incase we missed them. Oliver’s pushchair came first and I am SO happy with it – it’s the Joie Brisk stroller. It’s easy to push, easy to put up and down and Oliver sits so much better in it than he did in his pushchair.

Fullscreen capture 27082016 194017.bmp.jpg

It felt like Christmas in our house with all the cardboard boxes from the toys Oliver got yesterday and the pushchair, honestly it made me excited for Christmas Day (I know, you don’t want to hear that yet). Oliver and I spent ages playing with his new toy cars, they go so fast, he loves them, the dog.. Not so much.

After a play, a lot of crying due to being majorly tired and a big cuddle, Oliver went for a nap. He usually has around 2 hours and will always wake up at his own accord but today he slept for 3 and a half hours, he definitely needed it as he woke up a new baby!

Matt came home and we had our dinner together. I felt so hot and bothered so we only had a pizza and I done a fruit salad (strawberries, banana and pineapple) for dessert. We decided not to waste the nice weather and head out for an evening walk with Boas.


We went our normal route which takes us out onto fields and then into a park which of course we had to stop at so Oliver could go on the swings, he is obsessed with them! It’s lovely seeing his beaming smile the whole time he’s on them, he’s not the happiest when we leave however.

By the time we got back home it was 7pm so I got monster ready for bed, got myself ready, let him have 1 last little play and put him to bed – fingers crossed he sleeps well, the heat isn’t making it easy as his room heats up so quickly, ugh.

I’m going to pig out on the sofa with my favourite treats and probably watch Matt play the PS4!

I hope you’ve all had a good day!

Thanks for reading!



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