My Favourite Kind Of Day


Hi everyone.

Today was one of my favourite kind of days.. A shopping day! Usually when I go shopping I end up buying Oliver things and never get round to getting anything for myself so I made sure I got some bits today. I hadn’t got any new clothes in a long time so I got myself some lovely jeans from Miss Selfridge and some beautiful summery tops – it’ll be my luck that the weather goes rubbish from now on!

Of course Oliver got some things too (as always). He was so well behaved considering it was quite hot and he was tired so he really deserved some treats.


The books were from Poundland (they had Ā£6.99 on the back of each of them) and they’re the perfect kind of books for Oliver as he doesn’t have a long attention span. The beautiful B. cars were from Smyths, he had the option of a few things and chose those and the crafty bits are from Poundland and Hobby Craft.

We stopped off for some lunch at Costa which was lovely, Oliver usually screams and makes a huge scene in public but he was perfect the whole time.. Who’s stolen my little boy and replaced him with this well behaved angel?!

Fullscreen capture 26082016 190247.bmp.jpg

He soon got too hot and tired so we headed back home after a quick stop at Tesco to grab some aftersun and aloe vera gel for my sunburn. As soon as I took him upstairs and put him in his cot, he was asleep. I had a little moment of sitting watching him and thinking how lucky I am.


Whilst Oliver napped, I painted my nails, tried on my new clothes and had a well needed tidy up. We had fish and chips for dinner as truthfully I didn’t fancy cooking and our shopping delivery isn’t here yet.

Oliver ate all of his dinner and we went upstairs to get into our pajamas and have a play before bedtime. We had a read of a book called ‘Little Fire Truck’ which has THE most annoying button which make fire engine noises.. Oliver pushes it over and over and over. The joys.


It was soon time for bed and I couldn’t wait to sit down. My suburn was awful all day, I had to wear leggings under my jeans so they didn’t rub up against it so I felt like I’d been in a sauna.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day!

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “My Favourite Kind Of Day

  1. The books look brill will look out for those or something similar, holly has stacks of books but we love a new book in this house, she has 3 shortish stories every night and still asks for more X


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