Feeling Like A Bad Parent


Hi everyone.

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I’m severely sunburnt. I can’t walk or bend properly and my legs feel as if they’re on fire whenever I stand up. Yes it’s my own fault and I’m a huge moron – head over to my Instagram to see a photo and have a good laugh at my expense!

As I’m trying to rest and not move as much as possible, we didn’t do all that much today. We played with toys, watched some films and had a cosy day in. Oliver obviously doesn’t understand not to touch my legs so he’s been running into them, trying to climb up them and sit on my lap all day, I felt awful enough not being able to do much with him let alone not letting him sit on my lap.

On a brighter note, Oliver ate all of his lunch and dinner today and has been well behaved considering we didn’t leave the house. He’s got a thing Β at the moment about brushing hair, my hair, his hair, his toys hair.. It’s so sweet.


He really does make me the happiest I’ve ever felt. He really is a water baby, I’m thinking of starting swimming lessons with him now I’m a bit more confident – A year ago I’d of never taken him to a class full of strangers so that’s an improvement to be proud of.

Sorry this blog post was short and late, Oliver wouldn’t go to bed and with the pain I wasn’t in a good way. I’m going to catch up on the soaps, chat to an old friend (I’m also hoping to meet another old friend next week, I needed to reconnect and it feels amazing) and get a good nights sleep. Maybe the sunburn will be gone by tomorrow.. Wishful thinking!

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Feeling Like A Bad Parent

  1. I’m starting puddle ducks in September with my little one Albert. He will have just turned 18m. He loves swimming so can’t wait! X


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