The Happiest Day



Hi everyone.

I underestimated how hot it was today! We’d planned to go to the beach for the day as I knew the weather would be nice but woah, it was boiling.

We got up, washed and dressed and tidied the house before heading to the beach. Oliver loved playing with his bucket and spade, finding crabs and pretty shells. As it was so hot, the sea was actually warm for once – usually it’s freezing regardless. Oliver went in for a paddle, loved it and it turned into a full on swim. I got him undressed and he was throwing himself into the water, laughing and giggling constantly and enjoying every moment of it, it was amazing.


We had the best time. We had a picnic for lunch with all sorts of yummy things and we spent over 4 hours there, I had no idea where time had gone as we were having too much fun! We were in and out of the water quite a few times and I decided to just go for it (I had no swim wear), I went in fully clothed and I’m so glad I did, it was so relaxing. Usually I’m the kind of person that won’t do things like that as it’s a pain to get dry, you get sand stuck you you etc. but I decided not to be boring for once.


The sea was starting to creep towards us so we made a move and went home. Oliver was beyond tired so we got in, shared a bath to get rid of all the horrible sand and he went down for a half an hour nap before dinner. I couldn’t believe how well he’d behaved considering he usually hates the heat.

Little did I know that he was too hot and tired to even eat it – I done the aeroplane game for a while but he eventually had a melt down, got into his pjs and went to bed, he wasn’t tired but didn’t want to do anything so I thought laying him down with a drink, the window open and a film was the best choice.

Oh, just a side note, I’M SUNBURNT. Like, a lot. My legs look like drumstick lollies and I had a 3 quarter sleeve top on so half of my arms are burnt too along with my back, front and shoulders, I look so ridiculous and I only have my blimmin’ self to blame.

I’m going to spent the evening feeling sorry for myself and watching The Great British Bake Off, I’ve been waiting SO long for it!

Thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “The Happiest Day

      1. Oh no! 😞 You should come and visit down here, there’s loads of beaches and things to do! We don’t use it as much as we should but I guess it’s just normal to us now, I’ve always been more of a out of the way, woodland/countryside person really xx


      2. I’m not a fan of motorways so we only go when the hubby’s at home. My two love the beach tho 😍 xx


  1. Oops I have no idea how that weird comment happened! I was goiing to say how lucky you are to have sand where you are! We live by the sea toi and it’s all pebbles which is impossible for me to navigate with the pram. I should just be grateful for living so close to the sea though x


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