Oliver's Updates

Oliver’s 18 Month Update


Hi everyone.

On August 23rd, Oliver was officially 18 months old! I have to say that it was a pretty emotional day as I couldn’t believe how fast a year and a half had gone and how big my little baby was.

Here are some things Oliver has learnt and is capable of doing:

  • Crawling up the stairs and coming down backwards! Of course I’m always with him in case it doesn’t quite go to plan but he’s never needed any help.
  • He walks and runs happily. He loves walking and hates being in a pushchair so hopefully that’ll stay the case!
  • He knows where his bellybutton is. He’s learning different body parts and points to them when asked but never gets the bellybutton wrong!
  • He can now say A LOT of words. His favourites are “no”, “cat”, “ta”, “get that” and “dog”.
  • He will sign things. He waves hello and goodbye, please, finished and no with hand movements.

He’s growing up WAY too quickly and all these little things blow my mind everyday when I think back to a year ago. Over the next few weeks I’m getting a potty and some big boy pants and we’re going to attempt that oh so big task!

Here is a run down of Oliver at 18 months:

Shoe size: 4.5G

Nappy size: 5

Clothing size: 18/24 months

Weight: 28.8 pounds

Height: 32cm

Routine: He’ll wake up around 8am, have his breakfast at 8:30am, be dressed and ready for the day by 9:30am. We’ll do different things per day but lunch time is around 12:30pm and he’ll nap after that at 1:30/2pm for around 2 hours. Dinner is at 5pm, bath time is at 6pm and then we’ll read a book and he’ll be in bed/asleep by 7:30pm and will sleep through the night.

Oliver’s personality:


Oliver is a friendly, loving little boy. Over recent months he’s started to have tantrums when he can’t get his own way, these involve hitting and shouting so we’re trying to tackle that at the moment. He’s always on the go and LOVES being outside! He loves to collect things off of the floor (stones, leaves etc.) and loves to get muddy, typical boy. He went through a stage of not even allowing strangers to look at him but he’s now loving everyone again, he’ll happily go up to other parents/children at soft play and interact with them.

Oliver’s diet:

Fullscreen capture 24082016 183053.bmp.jpg

Oliver has always been a child that loves all kinds of foods but recently he’s becoming a bit more fussy. He loves cheese, sweet potato, all kinds of meat, fruit and as we found out yesterday, he LOVES carrot and swede! He’s not too keen on scrambled egg, omelette and crackers. He eats with a metal fork and spoon but does need some assistance occasionally depending on the food and loves feeling so independent. Drink wise he usually has water but I do also give him smoothies with his favourite fruit.

A few additional loves to add:

He loves all animals and will always try to go up to any animal he can see.

He loves all things car and truck related.

He loves a deep bubble bath with his Thomas the Tank Engine bath toys.

Thanks for reading!





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