He’s Not A Summer Lover


Hi everyone.

Today was the kind of day I hate, HOT. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it being warm outside but today was an unreal type of heat and that type of heat doesn’t agree with my toddler. For some reason he turns into the devil when it’s hot outside so I try to keep him as cool as possible and out of the sun.

We had plenty of yummy cold drinks, played with water in the shade and spent time indoors doing different activities. I didn’t use my camera too much today as Oliver was quite clingy as he was hot and bothered but I managed to get a few pictures!


Oliver had 2 naps today which is always the case in this weather as it seems to tire him out, bless him. He’s been a sweaty mess all day! I spent the nap time tidying the house and watching last nights CBB, I have no idea why I even bother watching it – I just need a series to watch at all times!

We had a lovely dinner this evening. Matt had chicken and chips and Oliver and I had chicken, carrot and swede mashed and asparagus, it was delicious and we’ll definitely be having it again.

Oliver had his bath and it was time to do nails, ears and all that fun stuff that he hates me for. Usually he kicks and screams but he was fine with it all today, probably because he’s too tired to fight it. I got him ready for bed a little bit earlier than usual as we’ve got people coming to view our pushchair, it’s going to be horrible seeing it go as I really love it but it’d be pointless keeping it now we’ve got a stroller coming and his big butt is a bit too big for it anyway!

I’m going to have a relaxing evening watching some TV, drinking some tea and enjoying doing absolutely nothing.

I hope your day has been lovely.

Thanks for reading!



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