Copying Mummy


Hi everyone.

Today was better. Truthfully, I didn’t think it was going to be as I woke up feeling a bit iffy and down but it soon passed. The weather wasn’t good again so we got ALL of Oliver’s toys out, all of his ride on cars and books and had a homey, comfort day. I had to wait in for the food shop anyway so I’m glad I chose a rubbish weather day! I also ordered Oliver’s new stroller today so that’ll be delivered on Saturday – exciting times! Hopefully this will be one I keep until he stops using one all together.

We had our breakfast, well, Oliver had his and then decided he wanted some of mine too.. I couldn’t refuse as he was giving me ‘the face’. We then got washed and dressed which was rather eventful as Oliver likes to try and take his own top off which usually ends with it half behind his head and his arms still in.. It’s rather cute.

Oliver and I play this little game where he’ll lay on top of me and I’ll say “1.. 2.. THREEEE!” and on 3 I’ll lift him into the air. The best part is he’s now copying me and going “hmm.. hmm.. HMMM!” it melts my heart and the smile on his face is enough to brighten anyone’s day.


Our food shop came and Oliver greeted the lovely delivery driver at the door with a big smile, probably because he knows he’s the man who brings us yummy food! The weather had brightened up by this point so I cleaned out Oliver’s water table as he loves to throw dirt/stones/all sorts of rubbish in there and sorted out his outside cars.


We had a lovely dinner too, I done us burgers with sweet potato fries – yum! Oliver’s been doing so well with his dinners recently which I’m so happy about considering he went through a stage not too long ago where he’d eat next to nothing. The only battle we need to face now is how much he’s drinking.. I don’t like to give him juice so it’s usually water but he’s not drinking as much of it anymore. I decided to start doing him some smoothies with things like mangoes, oranges, strawberries etc and he’s loving those so fingers crossed he’ll keep drinking those and MORE water.

We got sorted out for bedtime which was a battle and a half as Oliver was super hyperactive (I  we read a book called ‘How To Grow A Dinosaur’ which Oliver and I absolutely loved, he was giggling at the illustrations all the way through.

Eventually he settled and fell asleep and it’s now time for some tea, some TV and some food I probably shouldn’t be eating.

Thanks for reading!



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