Some Days Are Harder Than Others


Hi everyone.

Today was a pretty low, sad day for me. From the moment I woke up I felt different and knew it would be one of THOSE days. Every little thing was either upsetting me or making me angry and I couldn’t snap out of the mood.

After some tears, doubting myself and not knowing what to do, Oliver made it all go away. His little smile and when he cuddles into me whilst saying “aww” instantly makes me feel 100x better, thank goodness I’ve got him.

As my day was awful, I won’t go on about it too much.

Oliver LOVED his bath time this morning however, he was screaming and dancing around with excitement whilst it was running and couldn’t wait to get in! He’s just like me, I love bubble baths.

Fullscreen capture 21082016 185756.bmp.jpg

We played in the garden for a while too. The wind was quite bad again today and it wasn’t the warmest of days so we didn’t spent ages outside and opted for a film/cosy day indoors instead.


I thought Oliver’s curls looked super cute today so I managed to keep him still long enough to get a quick snap of them!


We had our dinner and went up to get snuggled for bed. Oliver always does a poo straight after I’ve changed him before bed which is typical. It was made even better this evening by him grabbing the nappy once I’d undone it and lifting it into the air.. Mhm, you can imagine the scene. Poo EVERYWHERE.

I hope your day was lovely and if it wasn’t, I hope tomorrows better.

Thanks for reading!




9 thoughts on “Some Days Are Harder Than Others

  1. Hope ya ok! Kids will always help you to plod on. They lift your spirits so much. I was off on one today! Lots going on and feel overwhelmed with it all! Looking at what’s ahead for us is daunting, I dwell on this so much that I then struggle to deal with the smaller minor things in between 😩 X


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