We Nearly Blew Away


Hi everyone.

Today was one of the windiest days I’ve ever experienced. We all had a lazy morning slowly getting ready for the day as we didn’t have anything planned, the lazy mornings are my favourite kind of mornings!

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However, as it’s now the weekend and Matt’s off work we decided to try and make the most of it and go out, despite the weather. We took Oliver and Boas to the park and met up with some of Matt’s family so the kids and dogs could play together.


I knew it would be windy (VERY windy) and chilly out but I hadn’t anticipated rain.. Yep, it rained! Matt had thought sensibly and brought a jumper, Oliver always has a jumper and his rain cover so he was fine, me on the other hand, I was in a short sleeve t-shirt and my hair down – lovely. Luckily Matt’s family had brought a towel with them and we still made the most of it. We played at the kids park for a while, Oliver loved the swings and spending time with his cousins.

As the rain kept stopping and starting, we decided to go back to Matt’s relatives house for a cup of tea and to dry out as it’s closer to the park than our house. We ended up staying there for quite a long time, Oliver ate most their fruit and we got chatting and truthfully, we didn’t want to face going back outside! We had lots to talk about as Matt is going to be best man at their wedding, eeek exciting times!

Skipping forward a few hours, we eventually went home. We had a quick dinner as it was later than we usually eat, done the usual night time routine with little monster who was incredibly clingy before bed which usually means he’s not feeling great so I’ll probably be up during the night if so and Matt and I sat down to watch some TV together with some snacks.. Oops.

Boas also lost another puppy tooth today, he’s now lost 2 and it’s scaring me how fast he’s growing! He’s a pain in the butt at times but we wouldn’t be without him. He’s definitely made for this family, he’s crazy just like us.

I hope you’ve all had a good day today, you lovely people.

Thanks for reading!



One thought on “We Nearly Blew Away

  1. What a lovely post. I love the pictures. The dog Boas is gorgeous and glad you enjoyed the park despite the weather. Angela from Daysinbed


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