Review: IKEA Children’s Table And Chairs


Hi everyone.

I know that many mums, myself included have thought about buying the IKEA LÄTT table and chairs for their little one. I was undecided as I thought that for £20 it wouldn’t be great quality and I’d have wasted my money/time as there’s no IKEA near us.. That REALLY needs to change.

It came in a little box which didn’t look like it’d fit all the parts in at all but that’s great, especially if you have a smaller car. It took roughly 10 minutes to put all the pieces together and was a one person job.

I was so surprised at the quality. It of course isn’t heavy, premium wood but isn’t flimsy and easily breakable like I thought it would be. It’s the perfect size for my monster, he climbs on and off the chairs with no issue and the top of the table is a wipe clean surface which is an added bonus!


I think it’s perfect for kids to sit at and do things like colouring, painting or even eating their lunch/a snack. For £20 it’s definitely worth a buy, I’d been hunting for a cute wood table and chairs for Oliver for a long time and this was definitely by far my favourite looking one.

It’s also a great table to paint as it’s solid pine, this way you can make it match your colour scheme or just jazz it up for your little one.

All in all, I’d 100% recommend this product.

Thanks for reading!



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