Bring On Winter


Hi everyone.

Today I woke up, dragged myself out of bed and opened the curtains. To my surprise it was raining, I was pretty happy to be honest! I’ve always loved cold, cosy days and my favourite season is definitely winter (call me crazy, I know you want too).

I felt quite happy and ready for the day which was a nice change – I did have a fairly good nights sleep so that probably helped. We got up and ready whilst listening to some music, Oliver loves to dance!

Once we were ready, we went out for a while to visit some family. They’d built Oliver’s new table and chairs for him which was nice as I’m pretty useless with anything flat-pack and usually have a melt down and stuff my face with food instead.


They had recently bought a new pet, a bird. Oliver’s never been up close and personal with one before so I was looking forward to seeing how he’d react – turns out he loves them! He tried to stroke him a few times and kept going up to his cage to see him once he was put back in. I love how much he loves animals, it makes me so proud as I’m exactly the same. Fun fact – I’ve always been obsessed with West Highland White Terriers, I had one when I was younger and had at least 50 ornaments. I wish I’d kept them all now!


We went home, Oliver had his nap and I caught up on some Celebrity Big Brother. Anyone else think Bear is a *inserts every abusive word imaginable*? I can’t stand him and after last nights episode, I’m hoping everyone else now feels the same!

We had sausage and mash for dinner which was lovely, all 3 of us left next to nothing on our plates and that’s always a good sign.

We had a little play, got dressed for bed and got Oliver settled. For some reason he’s super hyperactive tonight but I’m hoping that won’t last too long and he’ll drift off.. Let’s be honest though, that won’t happen. Bloody toddlers.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day, whatever you’ve been doing! We’re going to have a relaxing evening doing well, nothing! I used to hate the idea of that but now I’m a parent, nothing sounds perfect.

Thanks for reading!



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