He’s Too Independent


Hi everyone.

I mentioned in yesterdays blog post that I needed an early night.. I ended up finally falling asleep just after 1am – oops. I woke up feeling much better however and wasn’t all that tired.

We decided to go out today, we were either going swimming or to soft play and in all honesty I couldn’t face putting on a bikini – it was a ‘I hate my body day’ where no matter what I wear or what I do, I think I look like a huge pile of poo.

We arrived at soft play 2 minutes after it opened purely so it wasn’t jam packed and Oliver would get to play with everything without being knocked all over the place. Last time we came he was very dependent on me and would need me to help him in and out of things, this time was completely different! He was bolting off, climbing in and out of the ball pit, climbing out of the toddler area and all sorts – it made me realise he’s not a baby anymore, I had to hold back a tear.


We spent just over 2 hours at soft play before Oliver got a bit moany as he was tired – I was also realising how I tired I was at this point. We had our lunch and headed back home where we were greeted by an envelope – it was Oliver’s print for his bedroom, I am in love with it! It’s by Cathy Mitchell Illustration, she has a Facebook page and is extremely lovely and talented.


Oliver had a short nap and we played together for the rest of the afternoon. He’s in love with toy cars at the moment, we bought him one that moves and makes REALLY loud noises.. Ever regret buying a toy and consider ‘losing’ it? Yeah, me too.


Matt came home and cooked dinner (I know, I’m shocked too) and then played with Oliver in the garden, Oliver then went to bed and Matt and I sat down to watch a few documentaries. We watched Real Crimes – Diamond Geezers and The Paedophile Next Door, they’re all on Netflix if you love a good documentary!

I’m going to bed early tonight whether my body likes it or not.. Hopefully.

I hope your day has been lovely!

Thanks for reading!




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