Being Judged


Hi everyone.

Over the last few years I’ve noticed a few things. I’ve noticed people judging me as a parent and a person. Here are the reasons I’ve noticed..

I have tattoos. I always get funny looks mainly when I’m with Oliver but also when I’m aloneΒ as I don’t hide my tattoos away. I must be such a crappy parent as I have art work on my arm, you must be perfect because you don’t! Get real.

I look younger than I am. Some people think that having a 1 year old at 20 is bad as it is, let alone looking even younger than that. I’ve always had the opinion that age doesn’t matter when it comes to being a parent, people mature at different ages and have the skills needed at different times. A 15 year old can be a better parent than a 25 year old.

I don’t order salads. I’ll be in a restaurant/cafe and I’ll order what I fancy. Whether that be a bacon sandwich, a fry up or something else covered in grease. I always notice other parents looking at me in disgust as if I should be eating a lettuce leaf with a side of air, no thanks.

I deal with Oliver. When Oliver misbehaves in a public place or at home for that matter, I don’t brush it off, I deal with it. I will tell him off and yes he may cry, does that make me a bad parent? I’m sure I’d also be a bad parent for letting him get away with it, you can’t win but truthfully, I don’t care! Be the parent YOU want to be.

Piercings. I’ve had MANY piercings in my time. My nose, lip and alllll over my ears. I still have 3 in my right ear (with a tattoo) and 2 in my left. I had a stretcher in my left so you can see the scar from that and the scars on my face. I always catch people looking and can instantly tell what they’re thinking. If you don’t like it, don’t look! πŸ™‚

I’m sure there have been many other things that people have judged me for and I’m sure they’re just as irrelevant. We are individuals, we like what we like and should be able to live as we please. Be you – not what someone else expects you to be. As parents we should all support each other not drag each other down over such silly things, right? Right.

Thanks for reading!



13 thoughts on “Being Judged

  1. Im always get the judgemental looks as I look really young and gave two kids, except Im 26! Why do people have to be such jackasses πŸ˜‚ It doesn’t matter what you look like or what you eat it’s the unconditional love and guidance you give your kiddies. Great blog xx


  2. I love being 20 with a 1 year old! just take it as a compliment I do! people are so bitter at times, they need to lighten up xx


  3. My friend is an ‘older’ mother. When she had her baby I swear it was nearly on the news. People kept trying to quiz me on it as I was her friend. I was quite short with them. A loving mother and baby is beautiful. That’s all we should see.


  4. I’m 24 and get told I’m too young to have a baby, that I’m only a baby myself. People say it in jest not meaning any harm, but it really pisses me off. I’m NOT a baby am I? I’m nearly halfway into my twenties and biologically in my prime. A lot of the women saying this had babies when they were much younger than I am, apparently it’s different now, different times, different generation πŸ™„


  5. I got married at 21 and I got so much sh*t from people my own age, especially because I was a bit promiscuous when I was a bit younger! “You’ve had lots of boyfriends, how do you know you’ll stick with this one?” was a common thing. We are planning a sproglet in the next two years and I expect the same sort of reaction again, but F*ck them, tbh. All that matters is the ones you love!


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