My Love/Hate Relationship With Soft Play


Hi everyone.

Now, I LOVE taking Oliver to soft play. I think it’s a great, cheap few hours out of the house, he always has such a great time and it really helps with his physical and social skills.

However, there is the other side of soft play..

We’ve had a few incidents with other children (and their parents). I started taking Oliver to soft play when he was a few months old. They have specific areas for certain ages but there are always children that don’t seem to grasp that. There would be 5-6 year old’s in with newborn babies in the 0-3 year old area which of course was a recipe for disaster – their parents also done nothing about this which made my blood boil in all honestly. Oliver came close to being stood on, fell on and knocked around a few times before I went to the staff (who had also done nothing previously) and they finally removed them from the younger area.

Another horrible experience at a different soft play was not too long ago. Oliver was learning to walk and confidently crawling so I took him into the ‘lights’ area. A child around the age of 4 had brought a Little Tikes car into this area. He was driving it in Oliver’s direction and purposely bashing the car into my mum who was with us and once she’d asked him to stop, he replied with “I’ll do what I want”. It was at this point I came close to losing my mind – his parent was also watching, allowing this.. My mind wasn’t thinking the nicest of things. It took me telling him that it wasn’t nice behaviour and to leave the area in quite a stern voice before he went off to his mother who gave me a funny look before talking with her friends. Personally, I will tell off other children if I see them hurt anyone else, especially my own child if their parent isn’t capable or willing to do it themselves.

Of course there are the lovely children who want to engage with Oliver, bring him toys and talk to him which I really love but the lack of supervision from some parents really lets soft play down. Well, that and the food and drink prices.. I feel robbed every time I go there! I’ve now learnt my lesson and go earlier in the morning or take some food with me.

Soft play isn’t a creche where other people will look after your children and I wish I could scream that in certain parents faces sometimes, ugh!

I’d love to hear about other soft play experiences, good and bad.

Thanks for reading!






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