Feeling Run Down


Hi everyone.

Today I felt pretty low. I woke up and felt worse than yesterday, had barely any energy and I had SO much to do. I forced myself to get up and do everything that needed to be done and got Oliver up and ready for the day. He always seems to know when somethings wrong with me as he’s extra sweet and well behaved, I need to be ill more often I think.

We spent most of the morning indoors doing bits and bobs before having our lunch and playing in the garden for most of the afternoon – Oliver likes doing his own thing in garden and at least that way I can have somewhat of a break for a while.


He collected some leaves in his pot, picked some Daisies, chased Boas around and got soaked with water playing with his water table.


Oliver decided not to have a nap today which of course had to happen on the day I really needed him to nap so I could rest, typical! I purposely spent before and after dinner trying to wear him out so that he’d go to bed like a little angel and let me have an early night, oh no.. He also tried fighting bedtime. After 15/20 minutes of shouting, smacking his bedroom walls and kicking his legs on the cot, he finally drifted off, hallelujah!

I need to go to sleep as soon as possible but I know that I’ll either get into a film/documentary or my body just wont let me. I always do this to myself and regret it first thing in the morning.

Fingers crossed I go to sleep at a normal time! I hope you’ve all had a great day.

Thank for reading!



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