“Don’t Eat Mud!”


Hi everyone.

Today started off with me having to force myself to get up as I felt SUPER ill. My head hurt, I felt weak and I felt so tired – Dr. Oliver came to the rescue though!

We spent the morning relaxing upstairs until I felt somewhat better. I’d had a sneaky pack of cookies last night and thought that I would leave one for today – whilst in the bath, I was thinking to myself “what a good boy Oliver is, so quiet and well behaved!” then I heard the chomping sounds. He had found the cookie, gone to hide in his teepee with it and this is what I found. I couldn’t be mad at him.


Truthfully, we didn’t get up to much during the day. I had some bits to do and Oliver kept floating from the front room where Peppa Pig was on, to the garden with Boas, to the kitchen with me. I love that he’s becoming majorly independent as it makes getting things done SO much easier.

We both went into the garden for a little while before lunch and had a play. Oliver’s new thing to do is collect things in pots, tip them out and put them all back in again. This time he’d collected some stones and mud and decided to put a chunk of mud into his mouth – the look of disgust on his face was priceless. They never learn though.


After lunch Matt arrived home. I decided to be productive and cut our grass as I hadn’t done it in a while and I needed to trim back some bushes/cut down some horrible spiky plant thing that likes to invade our garden – mission completed! I had dinner waiting for me when I came back inside too, it must be my birthday or something..

We got ready for bed, done the usual night time things and Matt went for a nap. His ear infection hasn’t cleared up properly and he’s now going deaf so we’re currently waiting for a doctor to ring us back to see if he has to go back in to hospital/the out of hours centre.

It’s always interesting in this house!

Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on ““Don’t Eat Mud!”

  1. My Maisie (17 months) is currently trying to eat everything! She likes to eat mud! And has tried leaves, stones and sand this week! Cannot take my eyes off her for a second! She also likes her sister’s play dough! Cheeky monkeys! 🙂 x


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