His Happy Place


Hi everyone.

After waking up twice an hour last night for some unknown reason, I was quite literally a zombie this morning. I couldn’t function properly as my eyes were adamant that they were going to shut. Oliver woke up just before 8am, full of life. The joys.

I managed to drag myself into the shower to wake me up and then we had a visitor for an hour or so. Oliver was bought a swing and they also brought over some lunch which was lovely.

We spent most of our day in the garden as that is Oliver’s happy place – mine too truthfully, it means no mess indoors.. yes!


We had our lunch and a play, said goodbye to our visitor and Oliver went to bed for a nap. Matt arrived home shortly after that so we gave Boas a well needed bath – it was eventful to say the least. My poor bathroom.


He of course went straight into the garden and got caked in mud again but who can be mad at that little face? I can’t believe how big he is now, I look at pictures of him a month ago and there’s such a huge change. He is going to be one big boy!

He has definitely made our family whole, I couldn’t be without him.


Oliver eventually woke up, we had our dinner which was cod and sweet potato chips (quick and easy, I was not in the mood this evening) and went for a bath. He had mud all over him and in his nails from playing outside in the dirt all day, boys will be boys.


After getting water everywhere, getting out of the bath and doing 2 poo’s which is always typical after a bath, Oliver was ready for bed and so was I. Matt went out to get some bits from the shop and came back with my favourite drink and some cookies for me, he is sweet. He’s not helping with the healthy eating though.. Not that I’m really helping either.

I’m currently in bed, watching Eastenders and I can see myself falling asleep soon.

Thanks for reading!





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