Home Sweet Home


Hi everyone.

I was up extremely late last night as Matt was out and I find it really hard to fall asleep without him so I re-watched Orange Is The New Black for a few hours before eventually drifting off, I sure knew about it this morning.

Despite being so tired that if I laid down, I’d be K.O’d, I decided to spent the day sorting out our house. I of course do the daily boring tasks, hoovering and all that jazz but every once in a while I do everything, properly. Not just hiding things in wardrobes in hope they’ll disappear. I hoovered the whole house, cleaned the bathroom and bedrooms, sorted the rubbish out, had a general tidy up and then had a shower – I sure felt better once it was all done. Unbelievably Oliver was happy playing in his bedroom whilst ALL of that was done, usually he’s turning the hoover off and making more mess as I’m tidying.

We had our lunch which was a nightmare as a few of Oliver’s back teeth are coming through at the same time so he’s in agony whilst eating at the moment. Calpol and Bonjela are my life savers (and chocolate).

Matt had been out all morning helping Folk Week pack everything away so when he got home we went shopping. I needed some white frames for little monsters bedroom as we’ve got some prints coming off an incredibly talented woman who’s designed them for him so that’s going to be amazing! The frames were bargains too at £4.50 each.

We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening being lazy. We watched Madagascar 1 and 2, played with toys, had our dinner and got into our pjs. Oliver was super tired as he skipped his afternoon nap so I knew the second he was in his cot, he’d be asleep so we tried to keep him awake for as long as possible.


He eventually got so grumpy, he went to bed and was asleep in seconds. I feel ready for bed too in all honesty but there are strawberry tarts in the fridge with my name all over them! (I do eat healthy food too guys, it’s just not as fun to talk about. Or maybe I just eat like a hungry hippo. Whatever)

After the last week, I was so glad to spend today at home. Home sweet home. ❤

I hope your day has been wonderful.

Thanks for reading!



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