Review: Aldi Children’s Teepee


Hi everyone.

I’d seen a few other mummy’s Instagram posts about a bargain teepee that their children loved. I’d been searching for one for a long time but couldn’t justify spending £100+ on one.

I soon saw a post with the price of the said teepee – £39.99. I was on a mission to find this!

We went to our local Aldi and after searching for over half an hour, they had the chevron teepee I had my eye on, I was SO happy. They also had a pink chevron one and a light blue spotty one.


As soon as we got home we built it. I’m absolutely rubbish at building anything so Matt came up to help and it turns out I could have managed alone quite happily.

You have a simple instruction manual with 3 steps, the poles, some string and the fabric. It was THE most simple thing in the world.

We were worried about Oliver being rough with it as he’s obviously not at the age to understand being gentle with it but it’s pretty sturdy, he hasn’t put a pole out of place yet and has put some weight on it so that’s a great sign.


He absolutely loves playing with his toys in there and we go in there to read too, I couldn’t be happier with the purchase and I’d highly recommend you parents hunting for a teepee for your little one to go over to Aldi whilst stocks last!

Thanks for reading!




13 thoughts on “Review: Aldi Children’s Teepee

  1. This is gorgeous! I had no idea Aldi were selling the either so I’ll have to check out my local store now 😍


      1. Haha we the same give the kiddies the bigger room and we make do with the smaller one, we still not got a wardrobe, the kids take up our built in one they just have toy storage in their room, and we’ve got one of those hanging rails lol! Kids eh X


  2. I’ve bought this in pink and I low it as does my daughter. I can’t find any info on washing instructions though, and I threw away the instructions, do you know how to wash it? Don’t want to shove it in the machine and ruin it!


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