Goodbye Folk Week


Hi everyone.

Today was the last day of Folk Week. I can’t believe how fast the week went but we decided to make the most of the last day and go down there early. We went to the Hobby Horse Club, had another browse around the craft tent, got some fudge (banana, vanilla and malteser, yum!) and enjoyed the atmosphere.


Here is a little shot of the outfit I wore today! Truthfully I bought a new top and love it so much I just had to take a photo!Β (the huge dog toy was a present to Matt from his mum when he was young so we keep it on the bed to remember her by and Oliver loves it too).


We left Folk Week after a few hours and went home to enjoy the sunshine. Oliver went straight in to the garden with Boas and they had a funny, hyperactive half an hour together before Oliver’s nap which he desperately needed after having a few meltdowns throughout the day.


We had our dinner, our shopping delivery arrived and then we had a cuddle on the sofa before bath time. I decided to get our camera out and try to get a few cute pictures of monster, I think I managed it ok! I need to do some research and learn how to properly use this camera, I’ll get round to it one day.

His smile really does melt my heart and although he can be the biggest pain in the butt sometimes, I couldn’t be more proud of him.


Oliver went to bed like an angel again which meant I could get on with some housework. I finally sat down and that’s when thinking mode started – although the last week has been amazing as Matt was off work and we were out of the house pretty much every single day, I can’t help but think about next week and how different it’ll be. I’m going to hate Matt not being at home, it’ll take some getting used to again.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day, whatever you’ve been doing!

Thanks for reading!




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