Rain, Rain, Go Away


Hi everyone.

Unlike most people, I love cold, dark days so I was one happy bunny when I looked out the window this morning to see the weather!  I hate rain but love it being cold outside. I’m definitely more of a winter person. Waking up to this beautiful, smiley face made it even more perfect.


We were considering having a cosy day indoors but as Folk Week finishes tomorrow, we decided to make the most of it and go for a walk down there with Boas. I loved putting on a jumper and Oliver wore his wellies – he did however take them off with every opportunity he got, bloody child.

We got some food from Rooks, walked to the bandstand again to listen to some music whilst eating our early lunch and then decided to take Oliver to the park for a while before it started to rain again. Also, how cute is this little cafe? We walk past it everyday and it’s absolutely beautiful.


Once we’d left the park, we stopped off at Aldi on the way home. I’d seen some cute little teepee’s on Instagram and had my fingers crossed that there were some left as it’d look adorable in Oliver’s room. After the staff hunting around for 20 minutes, we found one! It was the colour I wanted too. We built it as soon as we got home.


He spent most of his afternoon in there playing with his toys and his xylophone which is in the corner, it’s so cute.

After a nap, a tuna salad with potatoes and vegetables for dinner and a bath, monster was ready for bed. He’s been a bit moany and upset today, I think it’s teething but boy, I hope it stops soon. The biting/anger needs to disappear asap.


We’re going to watch a film together and get snuggled for bed, hopefully he doesn’t bite a chunk out of my shoulder or give me a black eye as I really want to watch A Bugs Life.

Thanks for reading!





4 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

    1. Thanks honey! It really is, there’s so much to do for all ages. There’s a campsite for it too so if you ever fancied getting away it’s a really fun week!
      Yeah I had seen a few but they were so expensive so I jumped at the chance to get one that cheap x


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