I’m So Proud Of Him


Hi everyone.

We started off our day today by all getting up early, having our breakfast and then heading to A+E, fun fun fun!

Matt’s been in pain with his ear for the last few days but thought it would go away, it didn’t. It got so bad he could barely sleep and it was hurting to eat so we decided to go to the doctors. The only problem was that the doctors Matt’s registered at has now closed, mine wouldn’t take him on and everywhere else wasn’t taking on new patients either so A+E was our only option.

We arrived, the waiting room was jam packed and the woman warned us that the waiting time was around 4 hours – with a toddler, yeah right! We decided to wait until 6pm so we could go to the out of hours doctor instead and hopefully be seen much quicker.

After that palaver, we went to Folk Week for a while. We’d popped into Tesco to get some lunch and decided to take that with us and eat it in the cute little park there.


It had started to rain so we hurried up, got our priorities straight and went to get some fudge. Ha! Matt got his usual vanilla fudge and I got salted caramel (which I of course shared with Oliver), it was amazing. We had a little dance at the bandstand then went home to spent some time with Boas. Oliver gets so excited to see him, it’s adorable. We had a play outside before Oliver was soon ready for his afternoon nap.

I thought I would find the transition from 2 naps to 1 really hard, it’s not actually changed that much other than I have a few more things to do in the afternoon. I dread the day he no longer wants to nap at all, how do you cope?!

I got on with the house work, read some blog posts and had a snack (yes, it was chocolate) and also had a power nap. By the time we had all woke up, it was near on dinner time. I done a quick and easy one today as I wasn’t sure what time we’d be going to the doctors as they can give you any time that’s available.


Matt went to his shift at Folk Week for an hour before ringing me to let me know he was on his way to get us. Luckily I’d just got out of the bath and finished hoovering so I didn’t feel so bad about going back out. I hate leaving the house knowing that there are things to do!

We got to the out of hours doctors, played with some toys, read a book and then they saw us – we definitely made the right choice to wait!


Matt got the antibiotics he needs as he has an ear infection so hopefully he’ll be out of pain soon! We were all so happy to be home, Oliver was ready for bed so he got into his pjs, got into bed and went straight to sleep, bliss. He has been such an angel all day, considering all the running around we’ve done and being out slightly later than we usually are, he didn’t moan once and we had no tantrums! I wish it was like this everyday.

I’m going to do some more house work, watch a few YouTube videos and have a relaxing evening.

I hope you’ve all had a great day.

Thanks for reading!




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