A Busy Day


Hi everyone.

Today we were out of the house pretty much all day!

We’d planned to go out early and go to the beach, get something to eat and have a wonder around our home town. The beach was colder than expected so we collected some shells, built a few sand castles, had an ice cream and then went for some breakfast.


We ended up having breakfast at a quirky cafe on top of a double decker bus, how crazy?! They cook the food on the bottom deck, I was amazed. The food was amazing too – Oliver had a ham and cheese sandwich which was huge and I had a breakfast sandwich which had egg, tomato, sausage and bacon. They also had an indoor market next to the bus which a bakery, a bar and also had beautiful little stalls full of handmade things.

After we finished our breakfast and had a browse, we went to a pub next door to have a drink in the sunshine. I relived my childhood and got a good old J20!

We decided to head home as it was just gone 1pm and we were going back out at 2pm so there was just enough time for little monster to have a nap. By the time we got home and Oliver actually decided to go to sleep, he had around 20 minutes worth of nap – risky business.

As we were out this morning and couldn’t take Oliver to his usual club, we decided to take him to a different one this afternoon called ‘Crafty Kids’.

It was basically a teepee style tent where kids can go in, do whatever they want, make whatever they want and enjoy themselves. Oliver did just that.

He made a beautiful picture which he was very proud of – the staff were lovely too and it was great being in an atmosphere where monster can do as he pleases without having to worry.

Next to the teepee is where the ‘Panic Circus’ is held everyday. They had different circus toys indoors and out for kids to play with and try out, Oliver was a huge fan of the circus hoops and climbing onto the mats.

We sat around and watched some of the older kids do some tricks and had a drink then decided to go home and have some dinner.

Truthfully, by this point I was SO tired and ready for bed. I managed to find the strength to feed Oliver, bath him, read him a story and get him to bed before drifting off on the sofa and wondering where I wasย an hour later!

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “A Busy Day

  1. It was an amazing morning with you both and he is growing into an amazing, funny, intelligent little man – he can only learn that from one place and that is home!! As i said to you that day I am very proud of you and grateful to call you my step daughter – ps still have sand under my nails from collecting Ollies shells lol – Love to u all and your blog is amazing – Nanny Rachell xxxxxxx


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