Stranger Anxiety


Hi everyone.

I mentioned in yesterdays blog post that we were hoping to go to Folk Week every day so that Oliver could attend a club there – that’s exactly what we did today. Oliver even wore his new t-shirt.

We were all up early and out just after 10am as Oliver’s club started at 10:45am and we wanted to have another stroll around first. We were dubious about Oliver’s club as yesterday seemed quite complex and all the other children were a bit older than little monster but we figured even if he just enjoys the music but doesn’t completely join in, we’re happy. He loved the songs and dancing and saw Clarence the Dragon (he was scared.. So was I). We bumped into some friends and people we know which was nice too, Oliver was getting SO much attention which he was loving.

Something that I haven’t really touched on in my blog posts is Oliver’s stranger anxiety. It started a few months ago to the point where even with family members he doesn’t see often, he was petrified to the point he’d break down and shake. Thankfully the last few weeks have been better and he’s starting to get out of the phase, taking him to this club is definitely helping due to the amount of people there which is excellent.

Monsters club finished and after looking at the programme, we decided to get some lunch as there wasn’t anything else we fancied going to. I had a sausage and tomato roll, Oliver had a tuna roll and Matt had chocolate cake!

After lunch we headed home. We decided to leave early as it was boiling hot/humid today and we didn’t want to leave Boas for too long. Usually when we get home Oliver’s ready for a nap, not today! We decided to fill up his new water table and let him loose with it, he loved it, especially pouring it all over himself.

It soon became the time where Matt heads out for his night shift and it’s just Oliver and I for the evening. We had our dinner which was salmon with rice, chicken, peas, peppers and prawns (the prawns were for me), snuggled on the sofa, watched Fireman Sam and had some lovely quality time together. He’s becoming so loving again, he stopped kissing for a while and would turn his head away so I’m really happy he now looks up at me and goes in for a kiss, it’s so sweet.

I’m going to spend this evening catching up on my favourite programmes, drinking cups of tea and having a cuddle with my beautiful doggy.

Thanks for reading!



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