Broadstairs Folk Week


Hi everyone.

Today we went to Broadstairs Folk Week. Matt works there every year and I’ve always thought that it wasn’t my cup of tea – I’m happy to admit that I was wrong!

There are all sorts of great things to do: concerts, workshops for all ages, dances and cute little stalls full of weird and wonderful things! The atmosphere throughout the town is incredible.


We arrived at 9:30am to visit some of the workforce there and grab a programme to see what we could do (Matt gets in everywhere for free and I had a week wristband, prices do vary for different things).


We decided to go to the bandstand as the ‘Hobby Horse Club’ was on, Oliver loved the dancing and music, as did all the other children there. It was lovely to see so many people getting involved and enjoying themselves, everyone had huge smiles on their faces.

The Hobby Horse Club finished and we had a while before the next event we wanted to go to so we had a browse around the craft tent and all the pretty stalls. We did also get some fudge (I got rhubarb and custard, how crazy right?!) and ice cream, of course.

At 12:30pm a ceilidh was on at the Pavilion. As I’d never been to one and Matt had been pestering me about them, we decided to head over there and check it out. Oliver was obsessed with the Folk music and happily stood in the middle of the dance floor, dancing away all by himself – it made our hearts melt. He of course couldn’t join in with the ceilidh but I now know what I’m doing if I end up heading over one evening to do one with Matt.

After dancing for AGES and eating his body weight in fudge, Oliver was extremely tired. We had a slow stroll back to the car, taking a short cut through the arcade purely because it was SO much cooler in there. We also bought Oliver a t-shirt for the other days we go just so he looks the part and supportive of Folk Week in it’s 51st year.

We had a lovely day as a family and luckily the weather was on our side too which made it even better. We’re hoping to go over again tomorrow depending on the weather and what other bits we have to do, fingers crossed we’ll have another day of dancing and smiles.

Thanks for reading!




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