Our Trip To Druidstone Park


Hi everyone.

Oliver and I are HUGE animal lovers. We’ve visited all the local zoo’s and wildlife parks and one of the only ones left for us to visit was Druidstone Park in Kent.

We wasn’t too sure what to expect as the prices to get in were very cheap at £5 per adult and £4.50 per child, under 3’s go free – we usually pay around the £15 mark elsewhere.

As we went in to the park, we noticed beautiful little details such as statues and hidden creatures (which I did think were real at first, doh). You’re given a map as you enter and you can decide which way round you’d like to go around the park, we just went with what we could see and ditched the map, explorer style.

The first animals we met were 2 lovely donkeys. They were great with people, ate out of our hands and let us stroke them.


To the right of the donkeys were sheep, baa! They were super happy when they heard our bag of food. Oliver found them so funny too.


Inside the park is ‘The Enchanted Woodland Walk’. As we were walking around I felt as if we were in Alice In Wonderland, every where you look there is hidden detail and beautiful trees, it’s amazing. Oliver on the other hand wasn’t too sure about the tree with a face and the toadstools.

We also saw some geese, cows, pigs, goats, ducks, llamas and more. They all came up to us and were really gentle with Oliver so we were super impressed!

At first Oliver was a bit dubious about going near the animals and would run to me if he got too close but after a while he was bolting off to go and attempt to stroke them all – we of course made sure no small boys were eaten on this visit. He even managed to feed the goats out of his hands!


Before leaving the park we decided to have some lunch. The drinks and food are extremely reasonably priced and the food was great quality. Oliver had a lovely time and it was safe to say he was absolutely knackered.


Overall I’m so pleased we decided to visit Druidstone and we will definitely be back again soon. I’d recommend visiting if you’re ever over their way, here is their location on a map:


Thanks for reading!




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