My Reality Check


Hi everyone.

Today I had a well needed reality check.

Growing up I never really knew what ‘going without’ was. My parents both had good jobs, their own house and I was never told no when asking for something. This didn’t last however, we did hit extremely hard times and the luxuries stopped – this taught me more than I could have imagined.

I realised that there was more to life than just ‘things’. I had a family, I had a roof over my head and I had food in my stomach. I soon came to realise that even with the hard times, there are people with it much harder.

I sometimes forget that when I’m moaning that our bills are higher than usual, even though we can still afford them or I want to take Oliver out for the day but don’t quite have enough – it’s life. There are people that can’t afford to buy their children a meal and I’m sat here thinking like that – what an idiot I am.

I watched a documentary called ‘Poor Kids’ today:

As a parent, it made me break down in tears. I have never felt so selfish and ungrateful in my whole life. These children live in homes riddled with damp, no money and nothing to do and still make the most of their life with their family and a smile on their faces.

It hit me that this could be us one day. What if we lost everything?

I will definitely instil into Oliver as he grows up to be grateful for the things he has, the life he has and to remain humble and respect others.

After finishing the documentary, Oliver and I done a mini photoshoot. We have a Canon 600D and have done for ages now but I am still learning how to use it! I loved photography growing up.

We had a homey, cosy day today. Playing games, watching films and spending quality time as a family. Matt works at a festival for 1 week a year and it starts tomorrow so today was really the last full day together before that starts, he’s usually gone all day and night until gone midnight so it’s going be a tough.

As he’s not going to be at home for dinners, I decided to try some more adventurous dinners for Oliver and I. Matt is SUPER fussy and hates fish (other than battered cod, of course) where as we love it so we’re having lots over the next week! Keep an eye on my upcoming blog posts to see what we have.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day.

Thank for reading!



4 thoughts on “My Reality Check

  1. I always think the same, we’re not loaded but I want to instill in my kids to be greatful for what we have got. I’m finding this over the school holidays as I can’t afford loads of days out but I can give them my time, and while they are so young that’s what they appreciate the most 🙂 Love seeing your photos 🙂


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