Boys Will Be Boys


Hi everyone.

Truthfully, I’ve been one of the most grumpy people in the world today. I have felt like absolute poop and for some reason I just feel extremely low.

I’ve realised a lot about my life over the last few weeks and it’s hard to always put a smile on your face when you have so much going on in your head. I’ve distanced myself from a lot of people, realised a lot about people and myself and had a few home truths that I definitely needed. I put up with more than I should and I’m not going to do that anymore – I need to worry about me too.

Although I’m not the happiest I’ve ever been, the one thing that will always keep me going is my little monsters beautiful smile. He didn’t look so beautiful with a mouth full of dirt from my plant pot in the garden however, boys will be boys.

Oliver’s behaviour has improved today, admittedly not by much but anything is an improvement on yesterday. He’s learning that smacking isn’t ok and that it won’t be tolerated so that has dramatically decreased. He still throws things in temper though (he threw a toy at my leg, I let him know it hurt and he hugged me).  We will get there with perseverance.

Boas seems much happier today too which is amazing, the vet said it should get better from here and it definitely seems like it!


After a rather crappy day, I bathed Oliver and we had a cuddle, kiss (he’s becoming more kissy now, he went through a stage of hating it) and he decided that he wanted all of his Peppa Pig toys, so we played with those for a while before getting him settled for bed.

He seemed pretty happy with his new Peppa Pig covers too.


I feel more positive now it’s later in the day and I can have some me time, as much as I love being a mum, I do love being able to sit down for more than 5 minutes too.


I had a glasses day too. My contacts were annoying me, just like everything else in the world was! Can’t you just tell I’m a mum by the selfie? Hair that needs to be cut, basic grey t-shirt, eyebrows that need some serious TLC and a tired, baggy face. Love it.

Thanks for reading!





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