Loyalty Is Hard To Find


Hi everyone.

Our day started of with worrying about Boas, we had an appointment at 10:15am to bring him in to the vets and have a chat, the vet decided that the only option was an x-ray as the limping wasn’t any better. He was taken off into the back without a care in the world, it was horrible leaving him but it was of course needed.

Matt, Oliver and I headed off to make the most of the day, we went to get fish and chips for lunch which was lovely. The staff made such a fuss of Oliver and even took money off of our bill!


Oliver had cod bites and chips, Matt had cod and chips and I had my standard savaloy and chips, yum!

We were near a lovely little park so we took a walk up there after lunch. They have 2 separate parks, 1 for smaller children and 1 for older ones which I think is a great idea as I often worry about Oliver with older children as he tends to get knocked over.

I was really proud of Oliver at the park, he was being really independent and taking himself across the climbing frame (with Matt’s supervision) which was really lovely to see as he can be quite clingy in places he isn’t used to.


We left the park and stopped at the shop to get some supplies, a.k.a things we don’t need but will buy anyway. We were just trying to kill time honestly, it didn’t feel right being without Boas. We rang the vets at 2:30pm as we hadn’t heard anything from them and we were told to come and collect him at 5:45pm, we couldn’t wait.

We arrived at the vets and were told there was a half an hour wait, I knew this would be a disaster as we had Oliver with us and he gets bored SO fast. After buying Boas a new raised bowl holder, new toys and shampoo, looking at all the animals 10 times and going outside multiple times, Oliver was uncontrollable. He became a nightmare – shouting/screaming at the top of his lungs, trying to run off, throwing himself on the floor and smacking me in the face multiple times (how I kept my cool, I don’t know). Finally Boas was brought out, we now knew what was wrong with him (he has a condition which affects his leg development and needs treatment, pain killers and certain food) and we could all go home.

Oliver was ready for bed and I was definitely ready for that after how he’d behaved so he went straight to sleep and Matt and I gave Boas a heap of attention. I’ve never know loyalty like it – it’s so hard to find but the way Boas was when he saw us waiting for him made me realise how much he loves us all, it’s unconditional.

Thanks for reading!



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