A Day Of Heartache


Hi everyone.

Today was a pretty hard day to be honest. It started out not too bad, me and Oliver went out for an early lunch at a beautiful pub/restaurant next to the sea whilst Matt stayed at home. The food was amazing, they had a great kids play area and we had a really nice time. Oliver definitely ate more ice-cream than he should of!

We also made friends with a squirrel today!


It was great, however..

Last night our dog Boas started to limp and we wasn’t sure why. We rang our emergency vet and we were recommended to wait until the morning and see how he was, if he was bad we needed to take him to our vet – morning came and he wasn’t any better. We managed to get an emergency appointment for 5pm. We took him in and it turns out the issue is with his elbow, the vet couldn’t determine the damage to it so he injected him with pain killers and said we should come back in the morning, get him checked over again and have an x-ray if there was no change (he seemed pretty sure he would need the x-ray).

Although to some people a dog is just a pet, to us he is our family member. Seeing him in pain hurts me just as much as it would seeing Oliver in pain, it’s awful seeing him struggling and wanting to do the things he loves like playing and going for a walk with us but he can’t.

We’re going to spent the evening giving him all the attention he deserves and making him feel SO loved, as he is exactly that. I will post an update on how he is on tomorrows blog post!

Thanks for reading!




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