Our Trip To Sandwich, Kent


Hi everyone.

Today we decided to go somewhere different for the day. We usually stay close to home (busy towns) or go to places really far away which we didn’t fancy doing today. Sandwich is roughly a 30 minute drive from our house and is absolutely beautiful. It made a lovely change as it’s so quiet and peaceful, there’s so much to do/see and has the most amazing unique shops.

Oliver enjoyed listening to Robbie Williams on the drive there..

We arrived just before lunch time so I bought some supplies and we sat down on the grass next to the river and had a picnic. Oliver ate all of his sandwich and was dying to munch on his tub of Pineapple – I tried to sneak a piece for myself which didn’t go down too well.

There are so many different things you can do in Sandwich, some of them are:

Visit the Guildhall Museum, the displays include sea battles, Sandwich at war, Sandwich Haven, Roman times, Medieval times and more!

Go for a stroll around the Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory.

Go on a river bus tour where you have the possibility of seeing some Seals!

Even just taking a walk around Sandwich takes a few hours and you definitely won’t get bored. The scenery is lovely, the houses are picturesque and there are SO many ducks quacking away in the river, they were little monsters favourite part! (Boas wasn’t so sure)


I would definitely recommend visiting Sandwich if you’re in the area, there are things for all ages and it’ll make a lovely day out!

Thanks for reading!




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