Family Time


Hi everyone.

Today was a pretty good day for us all. Matt is now on holiday from work for 2 weeks so we’re making the most of that, he usually does work on our house on the weekends so it was lovely having time together as a family.

Oliver has been one happy little chap all day too – yay! We done our usual boring stuff, breakfast, getting washed and dressed and decided to head out for a while. Oliver had been pointing at the front door and our dog Boas wouldn’t turn down a walk so we went to a park in a town near us.


We love this park as it’s always got lovely people and lovely dogs. We met another dog owner who we had a chat with for a while, he also had a young dog and a 12 year old dog, Boas loved them. It’s also right next to the sea so it’s beautiful.

Whilst Matt took Boas for a run around, I took Ollie into the play park to go on his favourite thing – the swings. He has a smile on his face the whole time he’s on them, it’s adorable.


It had started to rain again (it was on and off all day, ugh) so we decided to grab some lunch and go home. It was 1:30pm by this point and Oliver hadn’t napped so he was starting to rub his eyes and daydream, he didn’t make a fuss though which was good. We got home, I took Oliver upstairs, he went into his cot, grabbed his blanket and shut his eyes – if only it was always that easy?! I laid down too and also had a nap.. Oops. I’m starting to feel like I’m 70 years old, I await the moment I can put my pjs on in the evenings!

We all woke up later than we should have so we had our dinner and watched a film together, dog and all. We finished Shrek the film and found ‘Shrek Stories’ on Netflix and thought we’d give that a go. It’s great if you’ve got children with a short attention span as the episodes aren’t too long and boring.

After Oliver having his bottle, picking what to wear to bed and choosing what cuddly toy to take into bed with him (he always has his Jelly Cat lion with him and I let him choose something else, usually Peppa Pig or Mummy Pig), he was settled and cosy. Oh wait, what’s that noise? Next door having a party with 25+ people, excellent!

As much as I don’t mind the party as he’s a nice guy and did let us know, the volume is an issue. They’re all being EXTRA loud, banging around the house, stomping up and down the stairs and are all clearly extremely drunk so tonight is going to be interesting. Oliver won’t sleep if he can hear people/noises – this will be fun.

I hope your day was lovely and your evening is more fun than mine is going to be!

Thanks for reading!




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