Oliver’s Bedroom Tour


Hi everyone. I thought that I’d give you a quick tour around Oliver’s room! It hasn’t been tidied for these photos so it’s definitely as tidy as I’d like but he’s a toddler, what’s tidy eh?



His wardrobe, chest of drawers and cot-bed are the Mamas and Papas Vico set. They’re so solid and sturdy, beautifully made and robust. The only downside is that when Oliver was younger he put teeth marks into the sides of his cot so that’s now a bit buggered!

We keep his favourite book and his eczema gel on his chest of drawers along with his TV and DVD player – I know some parents are against TV’s in their rooms but we don’t mind it being used when we allow it.


His bookshelf was from Argos, we’d spent weeks looking for one which was the same style wood as his furniture and we couldn’t find one anywhere. I decided to get this one, fill it full of cute little bits and bobs and put his bunting onto it. We keep all of his books, his cuddly toys in the boxes in the bottom for easy access, some toys and his fish tank on the middle shelf (just high enough so that he can’t pull it off, yet), his DVD’s, personalised blankets and photo albums, his first build-a-bear holding his ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ book and all his Disney cuddly toys on the top.


The rest of the room is like a playground. He has his toy box full of all sorts of toys, his car rug, ball pit (with most of the cast of Peppa Pig in there), car toys and his Megabloks box (and some wooden bricks) next to his chest of drawers and other things that usually end up all over the house and down the toilet.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking around my little terrors bedroom!

Thanks for reading!




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