My 10 Things

10 Things I Loved As A Child


  1. Bratz Dolls. I had a HUGE obsession with these! Admittedly I liked to cut their hair off and my parents wouldn’t be best pleased but I did love them really. (I also put them down the toilet on several occasions)


2. Tamagotchi’s. Oh boy, I had way too many. It was my job to get home from school and look after my babies. When they’d die I’d be in bits – I miss those guys.


3. Drake and Josh. This was my favourite TV programme to watch when I got home from school. (I may actually find some old episodes and have a watch now)


4. Girls Aloud. I’d blast every song they’d done on my little CD player I got bought for Christmas and dance around my bedroom. (I was recorded doing this on my dads old phone and I dread to think where that is now)


5. That’s So Raven. I don’t think I ever missed an episode of this, I watched it up until it was taken off of the Disney channel – whoever decided to do that is crazy and no friend of mine.


6. Busted. If you didn’t like Busted, you’re mad. Their songs bring back so many memories for me and I still know every song word for word. I’m glad they crashed the wedding.


7. Playstation 1. I’ve loved games from a young age and still play them now on our Playstation 4. Spyro, Harry Potter, Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, I spent hours on that thing.


8. Nintendogs. I was bought a Nintendo DS for my birthday one year and even though I had plenty of games, this was the only one I’d play. I LOVED teaching my doggies to do tricks, sad aren’t I? I still don’t believe that they’d run away if you were inactive for a long time.


9. Styling Heads. I had a few of these, I loved making them look as silly as I could. I think I was only bought them so I stopped pestering everyone else to do their hair, I don’t blame them.


10. Alien Egg Toys. These were a huge craze whilst I was at primary school. We all thought that if you put 2 in the same egg and put them in the fridge they’d have babies, when that didn’t happen we just threw them onto the ceiling in the bathroom. Good times!


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