No Time For A Nap


Hi everyone.

Today we spent pretty much the entire day outside – my favourite kind of day. We were up bright and early, hoovering the house and getting the boring jobs out the way so I didn’t have to worry about them when we got home.

We decided to take Oliver to soft play today, I had totally forgot it was the summer holidays so when we arrived, we walked straight back out. It was so busy that Oliver would have got hurt being in there and he isn’t too fond of being around strangers anyway, let alone THAT many.

As that wasn’t an option, we went for a walk around instead. The soft play is inside a huge place called Quex Park. Quex Park has a museum, a cafe, a garden centre, a farm shop, crazy golf, a craft village and a place to feed animals so it’s great for all ages. We headed over to the cafe to have a drink and feed the chickens outside which Oliver loved doing (he was attempting to throw the seeds in but ended up with most of it in his shoes).


After having a stroll around all the different areas, we headed back for some lunch. Oliver usually has an afternoon nap and due to us being out all day, he didn’t get the chance. He didn’t moan once, didn’t have any tantrums and was a happy boy all day, shocker right?!

I knew it was too late to put him down for a nap when we got in so I decided to keep him occupied until bed time. We went out and got some shopping we needed and took our dog Boas out for a walk to the beach. We saw a cute little singalong at the bandstand we walked past – it was for young babies. Everyone was joining in with the singing and bonding with their children which was lovely to see.


We had planned to stay on the walk way at the beach so that we didn’t get covered in sand – this didn’t happen, as usual. None of us were dressed for it but oh well, who cares?

The tiredness eventually caught up with Oliver, we got home, had dinner and he was falling asleep so an early night was needed for him (and me I think). Although my legs ow ache, I’m extremely tired and hot, we all had an amazing day. It’s crazy how much little monster has grown and developed in the last month. I will do a 18 month update next month! šŸ™‚

Thank for reading!



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